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Introduction to Course
This course will help and equip you to answer questions about veganism and nutrition. The format is not ultra-academic; it is informal yet informative.
Study the notes, PDF’s and Videos, then answer questions. Those who score over 90% will receive a certificate.
The discussion between meat-eaters and veganism is littered with misinformation.  Misinformation is at times funded by the meat and dairy industry to maintain profits.

TV advertisements and product packaging showing happy cows and laughing chickens living the good life on farms are misrepresentative. Information in articles is frequently presented in a misleading manner. Fortunately, the information age makes it a challenge for everyone to be hoodwinked.

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We highly recommend this book. It is a goldmine of information.


Section 1Nutrients
Lecture 1
Section 2Are Humans Naturally Meateaters?
Lecture 2
Section 3Nutrients
Lecture 3
Section 4Animal Welfare
Lecture 4
Section 5Dairy, Egg, and Honey
Lecture 5
Section 6Common Objections
Lecture 6
Section 7Religion and Veganism
Lecture 7
Final Quiz