Can you show me how God is Love without using scripture?

Original Source: By John Draper ~ Believers seem awfully sure God is Love. How do they know that? They cite a lot of Bible verses. They say God is like the father in the story of the prodigal son, for example, who runs out to embrace his wayward and…

eSkeptic for July 19, 2017

Original Source: In this week’s eSkeptic: Feature: Scientific Naturalism: A Manifesto for Enlightenment Humanism Science Salon Moment: The Causes of the Obesity Epidemic in America ABOUT THE IMAGE ABOVE: Illustration by the Dutch article Johannes van Luyken of Anneken Hendriks for the crime of following the wrong faith—the anabaptist…

Seth Andrews: Christianity Made Me Talk Like an Idiot!

Original Source: Seth Andrews gave this speech June 3, 2017 in Toronto at the Imagine 7 conference.  It's a humorous (and perhaps therapeutic) romp through Seth's religious past...and the often bizarre words and attitudes that reflected his Christian faith. VIDEO of this presentation: Support Seth Andrews on Patreon:…

The Pensacola Cross and Trinity Lutheran: The Church and the State

Original Source: Seth Andrews speaks with two secular legal experts about several recent court decisions that reflect (or betray) the United States Constitution's Establishment Clause.  Andrew Seidel is a Constitutional attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Monica Miller is Senior legal Counsel for the American Humanist Association. Video…

Seth Andrews Teaches Sunday School

Original Source: No...these aren't the stories you're used to hearing at Sunday Sermon. These are stories that are often skipped over, ignored, or excused, lest they send Christians into a fit of head-scratching, guffaws and gasps. Let us explore The Good Book. (And if you can, share this episode…

God Loves Gluten (and other observations)

Original Source: Seth Andrews does a (largely spontaneous) commentary about Cardinal George Pell, gluten-free communion wafers, the Flat Earth Society, and...guacamole! Support Seth on Patreon:

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