The Fabulist and the Publisher A Journalistic and Academic Fraud Exposed

Original Source: To Our Readers Between 2016 and 2019 a writer named John Anthony Glynn, whose biography includes a Ph.D. in psychology and professorships of psychology at several universities, had four articles published in Skeptic and eSkeptic (the online edition of print Skeptic). While we edited and fact-checked his…

Happy Friendsgiving!

Original Source: Seth Andrews speaks about the friends, family, religion, tradition, and Humanism in the holidays. Support Seth on Patreon at VIDEO of this livestream at  

John Chau: A Suicide Mission

Original Source: We explore the bizarre and tragic story of Christian missionary John Chau, killed by the very people he was trying to evangelize. We also explore the larger questions about missions work, boundaries, mockery, God's Will, and the senseless loss of life. Support Seth's work on Patreon at…

Unskeptical: Finding the Real Story in a World of Half-Truths

Original Source: What happens when we have facts, but not context or perspective. Seth Andrews explores the issue in his November 11th, 2018 speech given for the Central Florida Freethought Community. Support our sponsor: VIDEO of this presentation is here:

Clean Restrooms in Heaven

Original Source: By Tim Sledge ~ I’ll bet the restrooms in heaven will be exceptionally clean.“Restrooms in heaven?” you ask. I can see the look on your face.You’ve never thought about this, have you?But it doesn’t take an exegetical expert to figure it out. The resurrected Jesus ate some…

A Merry PAGAN Christmas! (with Aron Ra)

Original Source: Seth Andrews and Aron Ra talk about Christmas, paganism, the gods, tradition, religion, and much more! Video of this conversation is on YouTube at: Aron Ra is at Support our sponsor:  

A Dialogue on Abortion

Original Source: By Michael Vito Tosto (Ben Love) ~ PRO-LIFER: Abortion is wrong.PRO-CHOICER: Why?PL: Because it’s murder.PC: You get to kill someone if they’re in your house and you don’t want them there. But you shouldn’t be allowed to terminate an unwanted life-form in your own body?PL: People who…

Job Security

Original Source: By Carl S ~ Suppose an original, unexpurgated, ancient scripture was discovered in the monastic library of EinsIedeln, Switzerland. Further on, let's say this fragment was authenticated by biblical and secular scholars as dating from 21 BCE. Let us follow then, the translation of this scripture:“And Peter…

Bruce Hood — Possessed: Why We Want More Than We Need

Original Source: Download MP3 [youtube] You may not believe it, but there is a link between our current political instability and your childhood attachment to teddy bears. There’s also a reason why children in Asia are more likely to share than their western counterparts and why the…

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