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Cultic Veganism

Cultic Veganism

I wish I had a book like this when I first became a vegan. I love living vegan, but I am not loyal to a vegan club, I am loyal to the vegan cause.

I’m not religious, but after decades of counselling fundamentalist Christians, Muslims and radical Hindus and researching the phenomenon of cultic thinking by reading the work of psychiatrists, methodologists, sociologists and experts in the field of cults, I have gained valuable insights into cultic mannerisms. My work has allowed me to speak with hundreds face to face, and hundreds of thousands via public speaking events and media appearances.

One of the creepiest things about vegans is their tendency to drift into cult-like behaviours. I was shocked to see similarities between some vegans and cultists – they ticked the exact boxes for cultic behavioural patterns that I encountered when counselling religious cult members. The parallel was shocking. It was a light-bulb moment. A light bulb moment I feel others have but they choose to ignore it.

You may not agree with everything in this book, and that’s fine. One thing I am confident about is that it contains golden nuggets that you will be glad you discovered.  EBook(Kindle) and Paperback

For The Animals - Vegan Novella Series

It was supposed to be about the animals.

This first in a short story series will introduce you to Kiran – a passionate young man from Hamilton, UK. His life is about to change after he joins a vegan activists group – Force. But he never expected things to turn out the way they did.

Kiran finds himself agonizingly torn between two very different worlds, in two conflicting lives where he is deeply entangled in a movement that rocks not only his life but the lives of all those around him.

Kiran is on a mission, but where will it lead him?

This series will challenge and encourage you if you are a vegan. In this exciting series, you’ll find romance, drama and action.

Join other readers in an exhilarating roller coaster journey ‘for the animals.’    VIDEO

EBook(Kindle) and Paperback

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The Pig Escape

Angel was born on a huge pig farm where life is not as she would like it. She longs to be free. Will she be able to escape? Will her siblings join her? 

This exciting short story will touch you as you follow angel’s adventures in her pursuit for freedom.

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