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Wouldn't it be great if more people became vegan?

I wake up each day think about how we can make the world more vegan. I genuinely love animals. I really connect with them. I am one. So are you. We can't claim to love animals and then use them, abuse them and eat them. 

We really have some great projects we are working on. Stay tuned!
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“It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

Challenging Harmful Beliefs and Practices Through Education and Activism

Our work focuses on confronting harmful beliefs and practices in various fields. Our main focus is animal liberation/veganism.

You may be asking, "What is a vegan?" The journey of discovery is enlightening.

Not everybody will comprehend your journey; some may even be offended. Weak minds are easily offended. Offending people is not my aim. I seek the truth. Truth can hurt and heal.

“A tiger never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

I certainly do not fear the opinions of those who ensnare people in harmful beliefs and practices related to animal liberation (vegan, veganism) and fundamental Christianity

There's a whole lot of shackling psychology going on in this mind of ours. Until the light comes on we are oblivious to the darkness. The light is new information, not the old repackaged. What you think you know can change when you come to know what you don't yet know. Education commences when you admit you are mistaken. You can only change if you expose yourself to new educators and wisdom. Education. Education. Education. I have a sneaky suspicion that the global community is progressing through education.

I'm often accused of questioning everything. Proudly guilty as charged. Investigate hungrily. Interrogate thoroughly. It's how I escaped the captivity of harmful beliefs and practices after being sentenced to life-imprisonment with no parole.

Some people think they have arrived at the ultimate truth. The truth is a journey, not a destination. Believe what you believe, but always with the humble attitude that you maybe be wrong or that your beliefs require tweaking.

There are things you once believed wholeheartedly, but today you have outgrown those beliefs. Could there be things you believe to be true today but one day you will discover there is a better way? The only way to uncover them is to expose yourself to new information.


Not Dictating What To Believe, But Teaching People How To Think.

Animal Exploitation - What is a vegan?

What is a vegan?: The debate between meat-eaters and vegans is littered with misinformation. Misinformation is at times funded by the meat and dairy industry to maintain profits. TV advertisements and product packaging showing happy cows and laughing chickens living the good life on farms are misrepresentations. Information in articles is frequently presented in a misleading manner. Fortunately, the information age makes it a challenge for everyone to be hoodwinked.

Numerous arguments seeking to clash with veganism are presented as if BAM that’s the end of veganism! Usually, they epitomize ignorance and human selfishness. Three popular reasons for being a vegan are compassion, health, and the environment. Veganism is not a religion; it is a common sense approach to sharing life on earth with all living animals.

Currently, we are working on articles, videos and interviews to spread the benefits of a vegan diet. Watch this space!